FITSWORD® line, for Gym & Fitness Studios COMING SOON

Finest construction quality


FITSWORD® with fixed weight, from 1,8 to 3,6 kg  (4 to 8 lbs)

Colored Line: to recognize easily the weight chosen, thanks to the colour of the handle.


Handle in TPU, antibatteric and antiallergenic;

Blade in Extralight®: light, soft, shockproof, durable, abrasion resistant;

Total Length: 70 cm


The following weights are available for you to select what better suit the needs of your gym

  • Yellow: 1,8 kg   (4 lbs)
  • Orange: 2,7 kg   (6 lbs)
  • Red: 3,6 Kg   (8 lbs)
 FITSWORD® Dark-line

Dark Line: with black and grey finishing, to match the interior of every gym.


3 different weights are available for you to select what better suit the needs of your gym

  • 1,8 kg   (4 lbs)
  • 2,7 kg   (6 lbs)
  • 3,6 Kg   (8 lbs)


 Every movement is a repetition, every session a straining set

Gladiators were getting fit through the use of heavy swords and shields, for a full body workout by moving their bodies around through pushing, thrusting, twisting, dodging, squatting and lunging away from the opponent. The constant swinging of the sword helped sculpting shoulders, arms, core, legs.


FITSWORD® is  a tool for training that is safe (thanks to the soft and padded blade, and to the weight concentrated on the hilt-handle for a reduced kinetic strike), and heavy to increase strength and endurance when practicing exercises, forms and drills.


 FITSWORD®  is versatile and progressive in weight and complexity of use.

You begin with a weight that you can handle to learn the basic forms, and over time, as your strength and endurance increase, you can move to more advanced drills, training alone and sparring with a partner.

 FITSHIELD®: make your training safe and dynamic

The FITSHIELD® is a small buckler to protect you  with agility and speed from blows coming in any direction.

Hold the FITSHIELD® in front of you, in order to create some distance between you and your sparring partner. Distance is key in order to train safely with a partner.


Made in Policarbonate, for maximum resistance.

Padded in Extralight® to make every impact soft.



Keep your FITSWORD® in order and ready for your classes, with style.

Store the FITSWORDS® inside of the raks, when in need of moving your kits around.


This is the perfect solution for big clubs with the need to keep all in order, and manage big groups in classes.

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