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The Modular FITSWORD®  comes with 6 Metal Plates and 6 Black Plates. You can combine those plates in 7 different ways, ranging from 1,5 kg to 4 kg    (3,3 lbs to 8,9 lbs)


80% of the people will be more than satisfied with this weight range.  When you put this kind of weight in motion with dynamic movements, the FITSWORD® will feel very heavy after few repetitions. At G-Force we train mainly with this kind of weight range. To play with heavier weight, you must have rock solid body structure.

FITSWORD® Modular Pro - One sword for all your needs

229 €

206 €

The right choice for all those who want maximum versatility in one FITSWORD®.

In function of your skills, your strength and kind of training that you want to do (fitness, cardio, dexterity, rehab, strength, combat), you setup your FITSWORD®, with the weight that you need.


The training is simmetric by alternating the FITSWORD® at each set in your hands (in order to rest one arm between one set and the other), flowing without stops (added cardio value) to get dexterity and control with both arms (improved coordination).

Dual FITSWORD® kit - The Pro choice

445 €

399 €

Order 2 FITSWORD®, so once you master the alternate use of the FITSWORD®  with both arms, you can think about increasing complexity with Dual Wielding Swords (wielding 2 FITSWORD®  at the same time).


Your ultimate goal should be to become almost ambidextrous in wielding the FITSWORD® to combat with two swords.


The possibility of learning more and more moves, to combine them, to make cool sequences in which you are (at the same time) training, learning and having fun is a unique feature of the FITSWORD®: you can do free-style drills, where creativity is mixed with athletic skills and infinite possibilities.

Free-style moves will open the door of improvisation, linking drills that involve one arm, two arms doing the same moves, two arms doing different moves, all combined with foot-works or other functional movements.

Fitsword® BACKPACK

79 €

71 €

If you commute around the city to train with your friends, you can carry your Dual FITSWORD® kit, with the comfort of a backpack. Sometimes we even use it as a weighted vest, to do pushups, dips or pull-ups.



At G-Force, we like to have and give options. That's why we designed those 2 extra components CNC machined from solid block of stainless steel to increase the total weight of your Modular FITSWORD® up to 5kg (11,1 lbs).


The FITSWORD® with this Expansion is heavy to wield. Order this kit only if you are strong, have solid shoulder and a rock body structure.


Finest construction quality


The Modular FITSWORD has  2 kind of Weight Plates on each kit:

- Metal Plates: cnc machined from solid block of Stainless Steel, with a weight of 0.5 kg (1,1 lb) each.

- Black Plates: cnc machined from solid block of Delrin, with a weight of 100 grams (0,2 lb) each.


Combine the Metal and Black Plates, to get the weight that you better handle for your task, from 1,5 to 4 kg (3,3 to 8,9 lbs)

If you need to train with more weight, the Modular FITSWORD® is Expandible up to 5 Kg    (11,1 lbs)


Inner soul in Aluminum

Handle cnc machined from solid block of Aluminum

Blade in Extralight®: light, soft, shockproof, durable, abrasion resistant

Total Length: 70 cm


Dexterity, from basic to complex drills

No entry barriers: handling the FITSWORD® is perfectly natural for everybody… also for those who never handled a sword and never thought they would.


Fast learning curve: all you’ll see in our lessons, videos, tutorials has been learned by us in few months of intense training. We took inspiration from many fitness and martial arts disciplines, and applied to the use with the FITSWORD®.


Long lasting experience: the variety of training styles, the solo training, the activity groups, the complexity of movements and sequences that are possible to learn, assure a long lasting experience that will tranform the way you move, improving senses and body.


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