Cable Mode components

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Transform the G-FORCE in a Double Cable Pulley System to recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes and practice rotational movements, smash patterns and isolation exercises:


  • swimming conditioning system;
  • training for athletes of all ages and fitness conditions;
  • train almost every human movement pattern. Stabilize and integrate core and lower body when performing upper body push and pull motion.


WHAT DO YOU NEED? G-Force + Cable Mode Components

Double Cable Pulley System

Train almost every human movements , with real push, pull, rotational and smashing patterns.

Swim conditioning

For swimmers, watermen and thriatletes to train any swimming style

The use of the double cable system enable swimmers to improve their musculature out of the water, doing functional and specific movements  (mimic specific stroke mechanics) to gain strength and endurance that should translate to more power in the water.

Use the LOAD LEASHES to anchor any kind of heavy object as counterweight when training with the DOUBLE CABLE MODE.

The Load Leashes are  equipped with a double buckle system (as the handles), to allow a fast attachment (and length tuning) along the straps.


You can use as counterweights:


  • dumbbells and kettlebells;
  • bags and and backpacks (filled with water bottles, or books, or rocks;
  • water tanks;
  • weight plates...

Use any kind of heavy objects at disposal, as counterweights

2 Setup for Rings & Calisthenics conditioning

For those setup, you need the G-FORCE (or G-Force ADVANCED), the Belt and the Cable Mode Components. It works only in combination with them.


Ring Dream Machine

Setup this Expansion with G-FORCE and the Belt, to reduce your bodyweight  of 50%, in order to train with hard skills, like muscle-up, levers, iron cross, planches, maltese and more.


This is a great learning tool, in order to get in a progressive way the strength, the endurance, the coordination and the balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.

This kind of training support is commonly used by gymnasts in order to progress and train reducing the risk of injuries. It's also great to warm up before practicing hard skills with your bodyweight.


When you are fit enough, you can practice wearing a weighted vest in order to keep training in a safe and  progressive way toward your goals.


WHAT DO YOU NEED? G-Force + Belt + Cable Mode Components



Assisted Calisthenics Machine

Play with different setups, in combination with G-FORCE, the BELT and weights,  in order to improve progressively your strength to master hard calisthenics skills.


Using the pulleys with counter-weights, you can choose the support needed in order to practice the desired skills. Overtime, you can gradually  reduce the assistance needed by reducing the counter-weights, until you have the strength to perform the skill on your own.


This is a tool commonly used in calisthenics, gymnastic and climbing in order to:

  • develop the right movement and technique from the start;
  • reduce the risk of injuries as you progressively approach your goals;
  • measure your progress as you can quantify the assistance needed.


WHAT DO YOU NEED?  G-Force + Belt + Cable Mode Components

Planche push-up training, assisted with 2 counterweights

One arm Chin-up training, assisted with 2 counterweights


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