Flares training system

Airflares training system

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Finest construction quality


 G-Force POWERMOVES is made of 2 different training kits:

the Flares and the Airflares machines.


Use the first kit to train and learn Flares. Build coordination and strength while G-Force let you slow down movement, focus on technique, to maintain the angular speed and continue the flares motion.


Use the second kit to practice and learn Power Moves (from windmill to airflares).

Being supported by the Airflares harness, you have the chance to practice without risk, get the rhythm, and  learn the technique.


You can setup both kits at the same time and train switching from one training mode to another, for maximum efficacy and to increase your performances.

Strength, power and flexibility

On action sports, you take a risk when you try something new. Being fit is not enough. You need something that lets you try the movements, without all the crash and slams, to progress fastly toward your goals.


Every accident is a long stop on your progression…


As flares and airflares are very complex movement (involving technique, strength, momentum, balance and flexibility all together), by using G-Force POWER MOVES, you have the chance to build coordination and strength.You can slow down the movement, while maintaining the angular speed and continue the flares or airflares motion.


You train doing thousands of repetitions, building specific move related muscles. You learn the muscle memory, you develop coordination, the upper body strength and flexibility that you need.

And you don’t get hurt. You don’t stay out of the game for months.


We made the perfect teaching and training tool for Sport Centers who are into bboying, gymnastic, free-running, acrobatics..... to help you grow the next generation of power movers.



Flares Training Sytem

Flares are rhythmic and dynamic movements where strength, flexibility and coordination, are all together involved.


Being supported by the G-Force, you have the chance to slow down movement, focus on technique, building the necessary coordination and strength to maintain the angular speed and continue the motion.



Power Moves Training System

Power moves are dynamic exercises involving strength, speed, momentum and acrobatic movements.


Being supported by our harness, you have the chance to slow down movement, rhythm, and  learn the technique;


- with time and repetition, you will build strength, coordination and confidence.

Increase your strength while improving the technique

Advanced functional patterns

Fast and Easy setup, to train anywhere


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