One-on-One training

Allow two people to train at the same time: as one pulls in one direction, the other pulls in the other way, working the muscles non stop the positive and negative phase.

Motivational tool

  •  Push each other’s limits;


  • Learn to work together, providing resistance, fun, motivation and competition


  • Team building tool, to train and test athletes;


  • Who is stronger? who has more stamina? who doesn't give up?

Train anywhere

Even when you don't have a place to anchor the G-FORCE

Training with a stronger partner

The parner doesn't need to be equally strong


While one partner is doing a positive contraction (like bending the elbow from straight to fully flexed), the other partner is doing a negative contraction to oppose resistance:


  • everybody is stronger during the negative phase of any lift (this overload capacity of around 30-40% higher than in the other phase, explains why you can lower more weight in the bench press than you can raise);


  • the negative phase requires less energy (in fat, glucose or ATP) to complete a motion (for example, one expends more energy going up a flight of stairs than going down the same flight);


So, even a much weaker person, during the negative contraction, can oppose an outstanding resistance to the motion of his stronger partner, by making the training profitable and challenging for both.

The FEET ANCHOR SYSTEM allows you to anchor the G-FORCE to your feet, to perform many standing exercises and to train, even when you don't have an anchoring point at disposal.


This is the perfect solution for:

  • personal trainers with the need of training their clients, even in facilities not equipped for sport;


  • all the people deployed in extreme locations, with the need of staying fit  (explorers, adventurers, soldiers and special forces, as for athletes traveling in remote countries).

The Personal Trainer is engaged actively and control the effort the client makes by mastering one of the handles:


  • direct interaction and control of the client training progression;


  • perfect for team building and motivation;


  • have 2  persons training together, providing resistance, fun and competition, pushing each other's limits.


Personal Trainer working tool

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