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Aluminum anodized Parallelettes: Design, lightness, portability and functionality: a piece of art, cnc machined from solid block of aluminum, anodized in black and gold, for the pleasure of training.

  • Having the hands lifted few cm from the floor, you have greater range of motion compared to exercises with the hands on the floor.
  • Maximise your upper body strength, with push motion, static holds (isometric contraction),  and complex multi compound movements that increase overall strength, coordination and body control.

We made the most  portable, light and  sturdy  parallelettes, with an unmatched design.

When performing pushups, you can stretch the shoulder and chest extension. You can play with different angles and leverages, increasing range of motion.

When training handstands, you reduce the risk of injuries to the wrists. Handstands are easier than on the floor, and will help you achieve freestanding sooner. Handstand pushups are made with a greater range of motion.

Workout on combos and more dynamic exercises,  creating compound exercises improving not only the strength, coordination and balance, but also the endurance.


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