G-Force Home Edition

Fitness & Functional training system

195 €

Finest construction quality


G-FORCE is the evolution of suspension workout and functional training.

It allows the practice of the widest range of fitness exercises in a single piece of gear.


It is suitable for everybody (can be used by all fitness levels and for all needs), allowing 4 TRAINING MODES, from the classic suspension exercises to more advanced versions of them, thanks to the pulley that adds instability and challenge to all movements.

You can execute REAL ROTATIONAL and REAL UNILATERAL exercises, allowing for back and forth, twisting, push and pull motions.


You can train ANYWHERE (indoor and outdoor), thanks to all the connection accessories.


You can train on your own, in a fitness class and you can trainas as well  ONE-ON-ONE with/against  a partner,  making the training more fun and challenging:

Who’s stronger? Who has more stamina? Who doesnt’ give up?


You can transform G-Force in a CABLE PULLEY SYSTEM to allow muscle isolation while moving in multiple planes or rehab from injuries.


G-FORCE is designed to target  specific movements  you do in SPORTS and ACTION SPORTS, as you train with exercises involving the same muscles and movements of your sport. The pulley lets you move in a multi-planar space, as with the natural functional movements.


G-FORCE is MODULAR, unlike any other portable training system in the market. If you want to workout with more demanding exercises, or train for action sports that require a specific functional training, you can upgrade G-FORCE with Expansion kits.


Widest range of Fitness exercises, in one piece of gear

4 TRAINING MODES, to perform  hundreds of exercises and variations



Suspension Workout

Makes of every exercise a total body workout, by involving not just the main muscles used on the exercises, but also all other stabilizing muscles.



 Pulley Suspension Workout

The rotating pulley  takes the training to a new level by adding even more instability to all strength movements.



 Cable Pulley System

Transform the G-Force in a Cable Pulley System to:

  • recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes;
  • practice rotational movements and isolation exercises.


 Resistance Pulley System

Allow two people to train at the same time: as one pulls in one direction, the other  pulls in the other way, working the muscles non stop the positive and negative phase.

Maximum portability: TRAIN ANYWHERE

G-FORCE is extremely portable (less than 2 lbs / 1kg):

it is smaller and lighter than any other suspension training brand on the market. You can  have it always with you, and you can travel with it.


With G-Force you are not restricted to train only in a gym environment.

It comes with 4 connection accessories to easily install it at home and outdoor.


The setup is fast and easy so you can shift freely and quickly from one workout to the next.

165 €

G-Force Gym Edition

G-Force GYM Edition is just the same tool, with all 4 Training Modes and features (but without the connection accessories you usually need at home or in environments outside of the gym).


It comes with the Single Anchor System that you need to anchor it to any gym rack/mount (with a diameter smaller than 12 cm and placed at a maximum height of 205 cm from the ground), and the Load Leash that you need to transform G-Force in a Cable Pulley System with counterweights.


So you have the freedom to choose between the G-Force with all connection accessories (at 195 Euro) or the G-Force Gym Edition (165 Euro). The choice is yours. The exercises are the same.


The Connection Accessories are available anyway as Expansion Kits, if  you change of mind in the future, to train anywhere.

Get fit for your next ride: ACTION SPORTS TRAINING

  • G-Force extreme versatility lets you train specific movements you do in SPORTS and ACTION SPORTS, as you train with exercises involving the same muscles and movements of your sport (the pulley lets you move in a multi-planar space, as with the natural functional movements).
  • This is called S.A.I.D Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands):
  • adaptations and improvements are most significant when training is similar to the activity you perform.

G-Force is MODULAR:  keep challenging yourself

When you are ready for more... we got more.

G-FORCE is MODULAR with the widest range of accessories to help you progress as you get a stronger and in a better shape.

The expansion kits allow to widen the range, intensity and kind of exercises in function of your training needs, to help you improve in sport, or just generally be a better-functioning human.


Each of those components is sold separately. Order yours when you are ready for more training options.


Those are all the optional setups available to expand your G-Force.

Click on the images below to better understand what you can do with each Expansion kit.



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