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G-FORCE HANDLEBAR, windsurf kite training, bike training, hanggliding training, sup and rowing training
g-force handlebar


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This Kit includes:


If you ride bikes, if you hang-glide, if you are  a windsurfer or a kiter, if you like paddling with your  SUP or Kayak, G-Force Handlebar is for you:
- practice specific movement patterns that are similar to the sport, by improving the way muscles work with each other;

- improve stamina and strength, get fit for the next ride.

- Train your paddling, even when you are far from the water.

 This is an EXPANSION KIT: it works only in combination with G-Force (and POWERMOVES, FLARES MACHINE, RING DREAM MACHINE).

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Expansion kit for G-Force POWERMOVES training kit. Handlebar to train windsurf, kitesurf, sup and rowing training



Paddle Training System: Train paddling and rowing movements, even when you are far from the water;

For windsurfers, kiter, bikers and hang-gliders: train with functional patterns similar to your sport by improving the way muscles work with each other;

Improve stamina and strength, get fit for the next ride.

S.A.I.D Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands): adaptations and improvements are most significant when training is similar to the activity you perform.

Using G-Force with HANDLEBAR, you train with exercises involving the same muscles and movements of your sport (the pulley lets you move in a multi-planar space, as with the natural functional movements).

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G-Force is MODULAR. It's extreme versatility lets you train specific movements you do in SPORTS and ACTION SPORTS, as you train with exercises involving the same muscles and movements of your sport (the pulley lets you move in a multi-planar space.



Yesterday I worked with 4 of my top athletes for 5 hours. Not only were we well challenged, but the Handlebar was very popular with the kite-boarders, bikers etc. Of course we did not cover all your exercises (need more bars) but everyone enjoyed the new challenges!

Josh Barrett

Los Angeles, CA


As 1 client said to me - "it has taken me 3 years training with you 2X week to learn suspension training! Now you are challenging me with all these new modes (pulley, double pulley, Handlebar, One on One!!!" This is a great compliment! Thank you Andrea & Luca for helping me to expand my workout programs.

Paula Lott

Orlando, FL


Today my friend Mikkel came to the gym where I train and we worked G-Force in all modes + the Handlebar..... had a great time. We are both very impressed with the rigs, the quality & the thought that went into engineering them. 

Søren Frøstrup

Glostrup, DENMARK


Thank you guys for such a great tool! I love windsurfing and mountain bike. This is the first time that I'm going to be really ready for the season. I feel strong like a rock!

Alexander Stanimirovic

Heiligenhaus, GERMANY


Improve pull and rowing movements with Elastic Resistance. The combination of G-Force HANDLEBAR with the POWER BANDS allows to mimic and recreate all rowing and pulling movements with an incredible smoothness and authenticity (perfect for SUP, kayak, windsurf and kite training). 

- Typical human movement, particularly in athletic performance, is characterized by sudden acceleration and deceleration. The combination of the elastic band with G-Force’s Pulley, allows to train speed and agility drills, to make you faster and stronger;

- You have to control both the tension and the release of the band: this recruit your stabilizing muscles and build core strength, as it takes a good amount of concentration (make sure to maintain tension on the band);

- The pull of the bands reduces your ability to cheat by using momentum.