1 FITSWORD Modular

1 FITSWORD Modular

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FITSWORD Modulare - PESO REGOLABILE (da 1,2 kg a 2,7 kg / da 2,7 libbre a 6,0 libbre)

Questo kit include:

  • 1 FITSWORD Modulare
  • 1 Manuale di formazione (PDF scaricabile, 130 pagine)
  • e PI DI 120 VIDEO TUTORIAL per un'esperienza soddisfacente e duratura.  Tutto l'allenamento è stato sviluppato per l'uso della doppia spada (allenamento con 2 spade).

Bellissimo design elegante per il più versatile dei FITSWORD®.

  • Con la configurazione più leggera (1,2 kg - 2,7 libbre), hai l'equilibrio di una normale spada (centro di gravità distribuito lungo la lama) e puoi usarla come boffer.
  • Con la configurazione più pesante (2,7 kg - 6 libbre), hai un peso più che sufficiente per la progressione dell'allenamento dell'80% degli utenti.

Con questa gamma di pesi hai la massima versatilità, modularità e la più ampia gamma di applicazioni di allenamento (la possibilità di ridurre o aumentare il peso è molto utile quando si imparano le mosse freestyle o si imparano le tecniche di combattimento). 

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Combine the 4 Weight Plates in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS to select the desired training weight (from 1,3 kg to 2,6 kg / 2,9 lbs to 5.7 lbs).  With this weight range you have maximum versatility, modularity and the widest range of training applications (the possibility to reduce or increase the weight is very useful when learning freestyle moves, or combat techniques). 

The Adjustable Weight, together with more than 70 Video Tutorials, will grant you countless training routines. ALL THE TRAINING IS ABOUT DUAL SWORDS WIELDING, FOR A SYMMETRIC WORKOUT.

The variety of training styles, the solo training, the activity groups, the complexity of movements and sequences that are possible to learn, assure a long lasting experience that will transform the way you move, improving senses and body.

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The FITSWORD® Modular comes with 4 Weight Plates:

 - 2 Metal Plates: cnc machined from solid block of Stainless Steel, with a weight of 0.6 kg (1,3 lb) each, and 2 Black Plates.

Combine the Metal and Black Plates in 4 different ways to train with the weight that you need (from 1,3 kg to 2,6 kg / 2,9 lbs to 5.7 lbs).

An extensive Handbook with all our knowledge about the FITSWORD® and how to make good use of them.  We spent almost a year to produce all this material (VIDEOS and BOOK) and make it available for you, to let you have a fulfilling training experience



An extensive Handbook with all our knowledge about the FITSWORD and how to make good use of them.

We spent almost a year to produce all this material (VIDEOS and BOOK) and make it available for you, to let you have a fulfilling experience with the FITSWORD (whatever your sport level and sword sport knowledge)

FITSWORD VIDEO TUTORIALS : Hours and hours of video tutorials with all kind of handling exercises, from basic to advanced exercises, freestyle drills and combat techniques. MORE THAN 120 VIDEO INCLUDED FOR FREE WITH YOUR PURCHASE.



Hours and hours of video tutorials with all kind of handling exercises, from basic to advanced exercises, freestyle drills and combat techniques.

The value of all this Learning Material at your disposal is really high and should highly compensate you for the money spent on your FITSWORD.



I’m involved in full contact medieval sport and with the challenge of being naturally quite small has made it difficult  for me to find a way to build strength and tone for sword work and exercises that are not....by default...tailored  to someone  taller or with the benefit  of a group, instructor  and/or gym. It is a pleasure to finally have found a product like yours, and the training you created

Stephanie Miles

Alexandria, VA


I begun watching your videos! They are excellent, easy to follow and understand. I'm glad I had the opportunity to buy the FITSWORDs for myself and my friend. It is somthing we long wanted since first stumbling on them.

Thank you for making a workout system that can not only provide a full body workout but is safe and quality built.

Rainer S.

Leipzig, GERMANY


I practice HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and Kendo (Japanese sword fighting) and I’ve struggled to maintain fitness since COVID-19 started. I love your FITSWORD system and I’m getting back in shape and healthy again…

Wayne South

Denver, CO


Your FITSWORDs are amazing. I’ve incorporated them into my home routine. I already workout quite a lot with them (1-2 hours per day, 3-4 days a week); what a fun addition to my training with a huge variety of moves and exercises….

Neil P.

Fort Worth, TX


This is by far the most reliable training gear I've ever had in my hands... and it comes with more than 150 workouts in dope as faq high quality.

Ryu R.


FITSWORD® Modular has adjustable weight and top-notch quality, perfect for to workout always at maximum intenstity: setup your FITSWORD® with the weight that you need (FINE TUNING), in function of your skills, your strength and kind of training

Adjustable weight (1.3 to 2.6 kg)

for every training need

Designed and Made in Italy

Each product is the result of a long process of study, experimentation, testing, and prototyping. We worked hard and long to add as much value as possible on each product, in terms of construction quality, uniqueness and versatility.

Construction Quality: The Design is the result of a long process of refinements and improvements (not only aesthetic, but functionality). Made in Italy, using the finest materials, with high-end production processes

Versatility: Each of our products has been conceived to perform the widest range of exercises, in many branches, for many sport applications. We added as much value as possible on each product.

Uniqueness: Only with our products you can train in such a specific and effective way for your sport. You won't find something similar on the market.

And don't forget that ALL THE TRAINING IS INCLUDED FOR FREE with your purchase, for a long lasting experience.


The FITSWORD® is a multi–purpose, safe, versatile training tool for fitness, sport conditioning, combat sports and martial arts, allowing to perform hundreds of exercises and variations.FITSWORD TRAINING, heavy weighted training swords, swords for fitness, fitness swords, clubbell training, sword fight

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