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Questo kit include:

  • 3 Power Bands
  • 1 Anello
  • 1 Accessorio di connessione
  • TRAINING BOOK (PDF scaricabile con tutti gli esercizi, per un'esperienza duratura)

Il kit POWER BANDS include 3 bande con diversa resistenza (Leggero, Medio e Intenso) e 1 anello che permette di tenere saldamente la bande (senza il disagio dei punti di pressione e attrito quando si tengono le bande in mano.

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With resistance bands you can train  in any direction (not only against the force of gravity, as with a dumbbell): you can pull forward and upward, you can push backward and downward, as well as perform rotational movements, even combining the moves in a fluid manner.

They are great for targeting stabilizing muscles, and to assist you in bodyweight exercises as pull-ups.

Power Bands can bring seriuos value to your workouts thanks to the "ACCOMODATING RESISTANCE": the farther you pull a resistance band, the more it quite literally “resists” you. Take a biceps curl. Curl the dumbbell upwards, and there comes a point where the curl actually gets “easy” for your biceps, near the top of the motion. The length of the lever that challenges your biceps decreases as you finish the exercise, meaning gravity can no longer create challenge with the dumbbell (and your muscle no longer needs to create as much force to fight that challenge).

With a resistance band, as you near the top, it doesn’t get easier; instead, you have to work to earn the squeeze at the top of the curl. The stretched band is fighting you more, forcing you to accelerate through the entire range of motion and challenging your muscle fibers in a different way. You’ll have to squeeze your muscles extra-hard to fight banded resistance, a habit that will improve your dumbbell training, too.


The Ring Handle allows to hold the band firmly (without the discomfort of pressure points and friction when you hold the bands in your hand), and allows multiple grip positions:

- with just one hand for maximum intensity and unilateral moves;

- with 2 hands to exert full power with bilateral exercises and rotational moves;

- you can also train without the handle for many multi compound, legs and bodyweight exercises.

The shape of the Ring Handle allows to train your arms at different angles (underhand, overhand, hammer grip and other angles to train with maximum comfort).

The Handle is made of Birch wood with a Diameter of 23cm and a Width of 32mm, with a textured, grip-friendly surface that works with or without chalk. It has a distinct natural feel preferred by many athletes.The setup is fast and easy.



They’ve been awesome to use for resistance training and especially my core workouts. Holding the Ring Handle let you exert all your rotational power. Excellent product so far, and with the connection accessory you can do a wide variety of exercises with the G-Force Pulley system.

Marco Seidel

Hamburg, GERMANY


1.Very durable material. Tolerates good stretch/tension. 2. Portable exercise equipment. 3. Wide variety of exercises possible - comes with suggested exercise, but you can make your own variations, too. 4. Comfortable Ring handle for multiple grip options.

William Bushong

Anaheim, CA


I like working out at home because it saves time and money. I am in the best shape since my 30's with these and I am very soon 48. I'm genuinely impressed that these, along with G-Force suspension system have given me a better physique than I've had in twenty years. Less wear-and-tear on the joints, too, which is important as we age. Totally recommended!

Jerry Barker

El Paso, TX


I have used other resistance bands before but these look much stronger, the resistance gets harder as you go through the range of motion.
They are a pretty amazing alternative to dumbbells. You can do a legit workout with them and the exercises you can do are really only limited by your creativity.

Jerome Williams

Dodgeville WI


With COVID-19 on the rise, my husband and I were looking for something easy to store to supplement our home workout routine. So we decided to go for G-Force Pulley Workout together with POWER BANDS. They are great. They came with a rich training book that shows a ton of different ways to work out various muscle groups.

Marielle Vonk


Dynamic Functional Training

G-Force + power bands

Get more!

learn how to expand your power bands

The POWER BANDS kit is expandable with G-Force PULLEY SUSPENSION WORKOUT.

The combination of the two training tools allows a lot of movement and to mimic and recreate everyday movements with an incredible smoothness and authenticity:

This is great for working your joints, increasing and strengthening natural movement patterns used in daily activities, often characterized by sudden acceleration and deceleration. 

Easily mimic movements like swimming strokes, baseball swings and throws, football throws, surfboard paddling, golf swings, tennis strokes, as well as mixed martial arts fighting techniques for enhanced training effect, to train speed and agility drills, to make you faster and stronger with shadow boxing, punching speed and toning.

You need the POWER BANDS CONNECTOR accessory if you want to use G-FORCE combined with the POWER Bands.

The black strap wraps the POWER BAND and reduce the stress on the rubber (no pinching or squeezing), while you secure it passing through the double buckle system of the second component. Then you connect the G-Force Pulley to the buckle left free.