G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza
G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza,
G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza,
G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza,
G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza,


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Train like a gymnast to build the strength, endurance, coordination and balance needed to master difficult to learn calisthenics skills (in a safe and progressive way).

This Kit includes:

  • 1 Harness
  • 2 Rings Handles + 2 Rings Leashes
  • 2 Pulleys + 2 Long Straps
  • 2 Load Leashes to attach counter-weighs
  • 2 Anchoring Accessories (to use it ANYWHERE, indoor and outdoor)
  • 1 Carry Bag
  • TRAINING BOOK (downloadable PDF with all basic calisthenics exercises, for a long lasting experience)

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: 8 Training Setups (with different levels of support - beginner to pro) to approach and train every bodyweight exercise.
Start your training with the setup called 50/50, that reduces your bodyweight  of 50%, in order to train with hard skills (like muscle-up, levers, iron cross, planches, maltese and more). Follow your progression with the other setups, to keep on getting stronger and master all calisthenics skills.

HARNESS SIZEwaist ranging from 75 cm to 110 cm (29,5" to 43,3" inches)

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8 TRAINING SETUP (with different levels of support - beginner to pro) to approach and train every bodyweight exercise.

The RINGS DREAM MACHINE is perfect for every fitness levels.

- Used by beginners, as a safe mean to learn bodyweight skills and improve strength.

- Used by advanced athletes (like pro-gymnasts), to master the most difficult skills, reducing the risk of injuries.

It's also great to warm up before practicing hard skills with your bodyweight. And it's commonly used to rehab and get back in shape after a gymnastic injury.

It keeps you motivated, as you can train and get the "rings skills" feeling since the beginning of the practice (avoiding the frustration you usually get from the training of near impossible moves, when you still don’t have the necessary strength, coordination, flexibility, technique skills, or experience).

We improved our HARNESS to offer you the best training experience:

- unlike similar products, that are narrow, stiff and uncomfortable, our Harness is wider and extra padded, build in collaboration with a climbing company, for maximum comfort, support and safety when training;

- Metal Safe & Quick release to get in and out of the Harness with ease. The Fasten system allow to regulate and adapt the belt to all users with a waist ranging from 75 cm to 110 cm (29,5" to 43,3" inches).

The STRAP (by virtue of its mechanical characteristics), allows a much more fluid, natural and smooth movement over the pulley than that of a rope. Especially a thick rope deforms (with greater friction) over the pulley, making the movement not smooth and natural at all.

Rings Training made accessible

TRAIN like a gymnast

This setup is called 50/50 (or RING DREAM MACHINE), and it reduces your bodyweight of 50%, so you can build (in a safe and progressive way) strength, endurance, coordination and balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.

This should be your first setup choice when working on new skills, in order to understand the technique, and start to train your muscles without excessive loads.

Your weight is reduced of 50%, as the rings handles and the belt are directly connected by straps going through 2 pulleys.

By using the pulleys with counter-weights, you can choose the support needed to practice a skill on the ground, parallettes, or pullup bars (especially useful for one arm pullup training).

Unlike the use of rubber bands (that provide variable assistance along the range of motion), this system provides a constant support, with the possibility to control the intensity of it.

By changing the counter-weights, you can measure your progress as you can quantify the assistance needed, and observe even the smallest strength improvements.

Still Rings training with Pulleys & Counter-Weights, to get only the support needed to perform a skill. Progressively change the counter-weights and get closer to your goal.

This setup grants you extreme adaptability, tailoring the bodyweight exercise to your real level of strength. Just get the support you need!

By changing the counter-weights, you can measure your progress as you can quantify the assistance needed, and observe even the smallest strength improvements.

Recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes and practice rotational movements, isolation exercises and rehabilitation

- training for athletes of all ages and fitness conditions;

- train almost every human movement pattern. Stabilize and integrate core and lower body when performing upper body push and pull motion.

Build an incredible coordination and muscular control using your body weight: this kind of training stimulate more muscle fibers than any other workout, as every exercise that involves the active muscles, require all the opposing muscles to control and stabilize the handles.

- build the adequate strength and confidence to progress from basic pull-ups and dips,  to exercises like muscle-ups, planches, levers, iron-cross...build rock-solid joints and tendons with basic exercises and high rep sets;

- when hanging (doing dips, pull-ups...), you train without compressing the spinal column, recovering and resting the nervous system.

Your training kit for a lifetime of challenges.


The following setups are especially useful for CLIMBERS as you can play with such a variety of pull movements, making the training fresh, various and very intense.

Just harder than Rings Training: the double pulley system add an incredible smoothness to every pull and push movement.

This instability need to be compensated by an even more muscle engagement (the simple act of doing push-ups, with the handles moving in, out, back, forth, up and down, requires great core strength and muscle stabilization).

With some exercises like pull-ups and dips you might be familiar, but you are used to train on a stable object like bars or parallels. You worry only about pulling or pushing your body. With the CLIMBING MACHINE you have to stabilize the handles that are free to move everywhere (in, out, back, forth, up and down), while pulling or pushing your body. This kind of action requires much more effort, control and tension.

The freedom of the handles, it’s transmitted to your joints improving drastically mobility and strength through a full range of motion.

The unstable and challenging contraction you get, when you are in full body suspension, are the ultimate performance goal you can achieve in your training. Moving your body through space will trigger upper body and core strength.

To put your performance to the next level, you can attach weights to the G-Force HARNESS, for full suspended exercises.

The added load makes bodyweight exercises more effective, without altering your form.

Training with extra weight is very important to avoid a plateau in your routine (when you can already do many pullups and dips reps, for many sets, to build more muscle you will need to practice with extra weights).

When you get so strong, you can keep on challenging your muscles, wearing the Weighted HARNESS while training with the CLIMBING MACHINE setup.

As simple as effective to train and learn One Arm Pull-Ups.

Attach some weights to the strap of the Rings, and place it over an horizontal bar where it can slide. While one arm hold the bar and pull to make a pull-up or chin-up, the other hand hold the Ring handle and help the lifting motion just with the weight anchored at the end of the strap.

That is the maximum aid you get from the counterweight, so you are aware of support received and over time reduce the counterweight, until you can do a proper one arm pull-up. This training is suggested only for people that is very close to do One Arm Pull-Up. Not for beginners.



I have been using this machine for almost a year. I learnt a lot and my body adapted pretty fast to basic gymnastic drills. There is an endless amount of drill work to be done. and the exercises book is super useful. I absolutely love mine!

Zully Stettler



The Ring Dream Machine is a game changer. It allows for working on ring skills with perfect movement mechanics by taking 50% off your weight off. And unlike bands, the amount of assist is consistent through the movement. Not to mention the quality! GREAT

Colin Ribeiro

Peyton, CO


Amazing training tool for calisthenics. The setup is fast and super easy. I use it at home, anchored to the ceiling.. and I love it.

Florian Tomkins

West Vancouver, CANADA


I find it inspiring and confidence building. Very smart training tool with 8 setups... never get bored.

Wong Chong



Love the quality and comfort of your product. I use it mainly indoor, and is perfect for setup 2 as the ceiling in my place is not that high.

I've been using the similar one from another brand but it is not suitable for indoors since the wires are not adjustable and the weights keep hitting the ground.

Kim Hyunmin



I wish I started younger with calisthenics.. but this machine let people like me have fun and make possible, exercises impossible to do without a gymnastic background

Yahav Levenchuk



I do climbing and calisthenics... and I recognize a good harness from a bad one. This is extremely well made, very comfortable with a beautiful design. The same applies to the metalware... just professional gear... not the cheap hardware I have seen on similar articles. Don't hesitate to get it. Great improvements in both cali and climbing since I started using it

Joshua Jackson

Lakewood, CO


I have the dream machine from another brand, but it has no capability to be used other than as a dream machine.
Your design is so ingenious. I also love the idea of using straps instead of ropes, and using it to assist ring training.

Dan Rosenthal

Los Altos, CA