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100% ring-spun cotton, soft and comfy.

The double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability.

• 4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²)
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center

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This is a conditioning system that focus on building and increasing specific strength and muscles used during the flares moves


You don't get better flares  by doing simple push-up or biceps curls at the gym. Functional Training means the execution of specific exercises that have a benefit to the performances of a specific sport movement.

Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands: principle common to all sport disciplines:  adaptations and improvements are more significant when the training is similar to the activity you perform.

With the G-Force FLARES MACHINE, you develop specific strength, by training the movement, as it lets you practice specific movement patterns that are similar to the sport.

flares machine - how to learn flares with the flares machine - safe learning for power moves - bboying training tools - functional training for powermovesflares machine - how to learn flares with the flares machine - safe learning for power moves - bboying training tools - functional training for powermoves

Using the FLARES Machine looks easy, but it is instead very heavy on the muscles. It’s a real conditioning system that focus on building and increasing specific strength and muscles used during the moves.

Improve your work capacity, endurance, stamina, and density.  You can practice with intervals, rounds for time, as many rounds as possible in a set time. This conditioning bring you to the brink of failure and push you to keep going.

specific physical training  aims to ensure that the joints and muscles are ready for the moves. With G-Force FLARES MACHINE you do repetitions and series. You build the muscles used in the moves (but how do you train those muscles if you aren't able to do the move?), you train specific strength, by training the movement, as it lets you practice specific movement patterns that are similar to the sport.

The safety equipment aims to let you try the movements, without all the crash and slams, to progress fastly toward your goals.

included in this KIT:

The most advanced RINGS DREAM MACHINE with 8 different training setup to train and learn every Calisthenic strength skill

G-FORCE Ring Dream Machine calisthenics, rings training, gymnastic, 50/50, ring thing, gymnastic forza,


8 TRAINING SETUP (with different levels of support - beginner to pro) to approach and train every bodyweight exercise.

Used by beginners, as a safe mean to learn bodyweight skills and improve strength.

Used by advanced athletes (like pro-gymnasts), to master the most difficult skills, reducing the risk of injuries.

It's also great to warm up before practicing hard skills with your bodyweight. And it's commonly used to rehab and get back in shape after a gymnastic injury.

We improved our HARNESS to offer you the best training experience:

- unlike similar products, that are narrow, stiff and uncomfortable, our Harness is wider and extra padded, build in collaboration with a climbing company, for maximum comfort, support and safety when training;

- Metal Safe & Quick release to get in and out of the Harness with ease. The Fasten system allow to regulate and adapt the belt to all users with a waist ranging from 75 cm to 110 cm (29,5" to 43,3" inches).

RINGS training

Avoid a plateau in your training routines to get stronger, to keep on challenging your muscles, thanks to 8 setup available:

Reduce your bodyweight of 50%, so you can build (in a safe and progressive way) strength, endurance, coordination and balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.

By using the pulleys with counter-weights, you can choose the support needed to practice a skill on the ground, parallettes, or pullup bars.

By changing the counterweights, you can measure your progress as you can quantify the assistance needed, and observe even the smallest strength improvements.

Still Rings training with Pulleys & Counterweights, to get only the support needed to perform a skill. Progressively change the counter-weights and get closer to your goal.

Recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes and practice rotational movements, isolation exercises and rehabilitation

Build an incredible coordination and muscular control using your body weight: this kind of training stimulate more muscle fibers than any other workout, as every exercise that involves the active muscles, require all the opposing muscles to control and stabilize the handles.

You have to stabilize the handles that are free to move everywhere (in, out, back, forth, up and down), while pulling or pushing your body. This kind of action requires much more effort, control and tension.

The freedom of the handles, it’s transmitted to your joints improving drastically mobility and strength through a full range of motion.

Attach weights to the G-Force HARNESS, for full suspended exercises.

The added load makes bodyweight exercises more effective, without altering your form.

Train and learn One Arm Pull-Ups.

Attach some weights to the strap of the Rings, and place it over an horizontal bar where it can slide. While one arm hold the bar and pull to make a pull-up or chin-up, the other hand hold the Ring handle and help the lifting motion just with the weight anchored at the end of the strap.